Thursday, May 17, 2012

Living THE dream life

I should have never written this.

But this is how it works out every time, where we know we are making a mistake but still we do it. So who cares, let it show how I transformed from something to something else.

I do not remember from when I want to come to US, but I am pretty sure that would be from my very young age, I wanted to become a Software Engineer, and come to US. Both my maternal uncles were working in software industries and were there in US for at least some time. Now after analyzing things/times/prespectives I could say that, the respect what they got from my locality, relations - especially my mom and dad - made me think like, I should better be a software guy who works in US.

History is a very bad teacher. I had enough reasons to suspect my own predetermination's about being a software guy and working in US. But I saw the same thing, US dream, in all of my colleagues dreamy eyes, I cant even remember a single Software Engineer who don't want to go to US. Not even one. I had only one difference, I was never so pushy for US opportunities there were two reason 1) I know I will be coming to US one day, so why hurry 2) I do not have 12+4 years of education. So I was gathering more and more experience in my own field. So that I can satisfy my first reason.

Life was never easy with that choice of not pushing for US Visa, I know people with little experience or little knowledge or know little stuff been able to pursue their US dreams and I have to wait for the right time. In between I tried once, when I thought I had enough experience - obviously I was wrong in that - and it failed miserably, with me losing a good mentor and friend. 'Never mind moved on' - Adele. Now I can definitely say that was a very premature attempt or actually it was not at all an attempt.

I tried to get a US offer, and got one for 60K I guess if I am not wrong, and I was asking for 10K more. But the thing what I learned was - I was correct, and my Mentor-friend was wrong. I made my decisions well with respect to not continue with the offer. After 3-4 years of my first offer, I am here in US with the salary most of my 'Alien' friends are not earning. I know I might be over-boarding by saying that, it just for the reference that I have made few GOOD decisions in the end.

I am not sure how long this is going to last, but I know one thing. This is the life I dreamt of living, and I know I am living the same. I heard people said that, while they lived their dream life they didnt realize that they are living one. But I guess I know I do. I am not saying this is THE best one, I could have dreamt for and I could have achieved. But I am saying I dreamt of this and at least I achieved this.

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