Friday, July 13, 2012

Leaving the Crime Scene

Haahaa, what a way to name a blog post. Is this post anything related to leaving a crime scene? May be you will find out end of this post.

When I came to US, the second immense worrying thing for me was, getting a drivers license. First one, obviously GC. Never had a doubt about whether I am going to stay here for the whole time or going back to India. People told me that it took some time for them to decide, what they are going to do with that. But I came here to US with the idea that whenever possible I will apply for GC, and I will try to get it as soon as possible. Here I know friends who worked in some Indian alias companies for 5 years, and after finding out they are not going to file GC for them, they move to a different company with lesser salary, lesser benefits but GC filling. There was some initial thinking for them like they will go back to India after three or four years. But they dont want to go back to India after all.There are lots of reasons for that, and I dont care about their reasons. So when people get to know about me that I want to settle down here with GC, that too after two months of staying in US - NO it didnt took two months for me to decide, it took two months for them to ask me about my opinion.

My opinion was RAW and sound, I am almost adamant about this too. So people think me crazy. One more thing happened in the same way. People who come here have to buy a car, there is no way in US you can manage without a car. So people after coming here start looking for cars, in craigslist and all the inventory of dealers and stuff like that. They look at you like a fool who is not looking for a car for sometime. But it took me about total two weeks of searching - for my kind it is tooooo much time - finding out my car. I got my BMW after trying out a new CR-V and a used CR-V, and I didnt had any car driving experience - you know I was a biker, who still like bikes and would like to buy one too. So all this things happened when I started learning car driving. I thought car driving is just an attitude, and I seriously thought I got one. After driving the bike for so long time and rode it like crazy I should at least not have any trouble with the road. And it turned out to be I absolutely dont have any trouble with the road.

Driving came to me very naturally I guess, hold on, let me come to the specifics about this post. As I want to keep it simple and sweet, I am not going to explain the entire stuff. But this is what happened, I was driving good in North Carolina, and once went to South Carolina - Myrtle Beach(around 200 miles), I never felt discomfort or something. So quickly planned for the bigger one, North Carolina to New York around 800 miles. It was quite good I reached New York safe and good and was traveling in from New Jersey to New York daily and I really enjoyed driving in New York. But this happened on a day when we almost done with 'Statue of Liberty' and a few places in New York and came back to New Jersey. Then I thought of going to Empire State building that night because I dont want to spend an other day going to Empire State building and I booked the express tickets so that we can go easily and come back. Because it was already 7.30 PM, when we tried to take my car from parking lot it happened. While taking reverse I made a mistake and hit one car, I know I hit something but it was very small. But still continued driving it out of the hotel, but as I know something is not correct I stopped in between to check how bad was the hit - around 200 meters to 400 meter from the hotel. There was a small mark in front of my car, I didnt know that I hit that car that bad. But still thought okay lets continue, then I made the mistake again. You know this happens so badly, when you make one mistake you tend to do it again, I drove in the ramp.

After I learned driving we used to say every time 'bleak bleak' for the sound of the cop car, as we take about traffic police in US. That day this 'bleak bleak' came from cop car behind me. I didnt know why that guy was following and asking me to stop. Because I dint know that I was driving in the ramp for the first instance. Then he stopped me and was asking me about why were you driving in the ramp! I should have said I am sorry I did it by mistake. But I didnt say that, because initially I didnt know why he was following and my mind started thinking like somebody called from the hotel and this guy came on running behind. So I wanted to be on the safer side I said I was checking my car, it looked like it has a scratch or something. Then the cop asked me how did you get that, there I should have said something else, and my wife was shouting from behind in Tamil - 'dont say you hit some car, say something else' but I said I hit a car and I am checking it. That guy got curious and immediately said lets go back to the hotel to see, how bad it was. He was already started asking 'why you left that place' - here I cant recollect what I said, but I was saying sorry but he kept on asking 'why you left that place' and getting angrier every minute. Then he seriously thought I hit somebody - person - so he asked me to drive back to hotel.

But after going back to hotel and check the car which I hit - which had minimal scratch, he was kind of cool down - looked little angry. Then he took my license and paperwork and went to the hotel to call the other car's owner. After 10 min., he came back with the owner. Owner looked at the car's scratch for sometime and then this guy discussing something with him. I could not hear clearly but he was saying to him that 'I was not lying to him at all' and was saying 'it is very minimal' and asked the other car owner whether he want to file a case against me. Here comes the title, 'Leaving a crime scene' case. Good that the other guy was not very much into this got 200 dollars from me for fixing the scratch. I got a ticket for careless driving with 95$ fine. Finally the cop left saying 'You should thank the other car owner, if he would want to file a case - leaving the crime scene - then, your license could have revoked and you would need to pay 4 - 5000 dollars as fine'. But nothing happened this badly and in the end I was just fine to drive back to New York.

Seriously some of friends already told me that, if I hit a car in the parking lot. Its better to talk to that person before it escalates to this level. But I learned the lesson in a harder way. Leaving a crime scene - man dont say that again.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Myrtle Beach

Its been very long since myself and my wife went on a vacation together - alone, it doesnt meant we havent been touring. Yes we did, but with other family members too. Longing for an opportunity since she landed in US to go out, one more reason is there too. I bought a BMW car and wanted to take it for a longer ride. It took almost a month's time before we could travel because of the project schedules and late hours working.

As usual, asked friends who have been to Myrtle beach, and did a blogsearch for "Myrtle Beach" "Stayed In" "Photography" related terms and got a idea of what I wanted to do for two days and kind of came up with a plan.

Wanted to start from Raleigh around 5 in the morning so that I could reach the beach by 8.00 or 9.00 in the morning, after spending a while in the beach wanted to can check in to the hotel by 11.00. But we have started around 8.30 from house and we reached there by 11:30 in between we had some brunch in KFC, near Myrtle Beach.

When we reached there it was really very hot out there in the beach, my wife said lets go to the hotel. But that was my first beach in US, kind of a dream come true - after watching so many Hollywood movies. I dont want to go to hotel then, I wanted to photos - you know what kind - convinced my wife spending half an hour before checking in. But as the day progressed the climate became very good and we stayed there in the beach upto 3.00 in the afternoon. Then we checked in to the hotel, we stayed in Quality Inn, decent hotel. Its not on the shore - still we could easily see the sea from the the room balcony.

Sky Walk Myrtle Beach Myrtle Beach Birdie4 Birdie3 Birdie2 Birdie Seagull Wheel Sky Scrapper Beach

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Living THE dream life

I should have never written this.

But this is how it works out every time, where we know we are making a mistake but still we do it. So who cares, let it show how I transformed from something to something else.

I do not remember from when I want to come to US, but I am pretty sure that would be from my very young age, I wanted to become a Software Engineer, and come to US. Both my maternal uncles were working in software industries and were there in US for at least some time. Now after analyzing things/times/prespectives I could say that, the respect what they got from my locality, relations - especially my mom and dad - made me think like, I should better be a software guy who works in US.

History is a very bad teacher. I had enough reasons to suspect my own predetermination's about being a software guy and working in US. But I saw the same thing, US dream, in all of my colleagues dreamy eyes, I cant even remember a single Software Engineer who don't want to go to US. Not even one. I had only one difference, I was never so pushy for US opportunities there were two reason 1) I know I will be coming to US one day, so why hurry 2) I do not have 12+4 years of education. So I was gathering more and more experience in my own field. So that I can satisfy my first reason.

Life was never easy with that choice of not pushing for US Visa, I know people with little experience or little knowledge or know little stuff been able to pursue their US dreams and I have to wait for the right time. In between I tried once, when I thought I had enough experience - obviously I was wrong in that - and it failed miserably, with me losing a good mentor and friend. 'Never mind moved on' - Adele. Now I can definitely say that was a very premature attempt or actually it was not at all an attempt.

I tried to get a US offer, and got one for 60K I guess if I am not wrong, and I was asking for 10K more. But the thing what I learned was - I was correct, and my Mentor-friend was wrong. I made my decisions well with respect to not continue with the offer. After 3-4 years of my first offer, I am here in US with the salary most of my 'Alien' friends are not earning. I know I might be over-boarding by saying that, it just for the reference that I have made few GOOD decisions in the end.

I am not sure how long this is going to last, but I know one thing. This is the life I dreamt of living, and I know I am living the same. I heard people said that, while they lived their dream life they didnt realize that they are living one. But I guess I know I do. I am not saying this is THE best one, I could have dreamt for and I could have achieved. But I am saying I dreamt of this and at least I achieved this.