Monday, October 17, 2011

Cubicle decoration

Social activities are almost like part of Curam's culture. Now a days its most common among all software companies to involve people socially - for different reasons though - our company is no different to this. But the major company has a advantage of having small number of employees(not more than 300), so it is easy for them to arrange for ones and successfully conduct the same.

My fellow team man(Cricket) Harish asked me to shed some ideas for the cubicle decoration, I told him that I am not going to be the best person to do this. As I have ideas that cant be implemented easily, for example, I asked them to do a 'Jnanpith’ theme - as there was on Kannada writer who got that award recently and there are total nine Kannada writers who got this award. So we will keep their books and we will try to introduce those writers and their writings. That was one of the theme I suggested, then I gave a real pseudo intellectual theme of Shakespearean time. Where in the team members will be dressed in Shakespearean and acting a play. 

As expected both of them were rejected - not to my face - but they where decided to come up with 'Self Sufficient Villages', I was quite half-minded about doing this, but as the competition date nears, we decided that we will do that. Then last minute we have managed to get some ideas and stuff for the 'Self Sufficient Villages' and came up with a modal village where 'Rain Water Harvesting', 'Solar Power', 'Wind Power' will be used efficiently. And know what, we won the first price, surprisingly. It was just 5 member team, but the whole CFSS Team(10, 15 people) helped us arrange this modal village.

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