Thursday, June 9, 2011

CPL 2011

I feel good when I am doing anything that is related to Cricket. Watching, playing, commenting or anything that is related to Cricket. I never felt so good doing anything else, I thought it comes from my inner self. When I started getting involved in organizing Cricket for my company, I know I am going to loose time and money - which is very important - I never felt like not doing it. After organizing each and every match - be there at 6:30, organize the umpires, call them,  take snaps, wrap it up, pay money and stuff - felt humiliated when not invited for a post final party with the winners/runners and organizers, it is nothing to do with food(actually got angry about that and gave a party to my team which includes Indian Chief of my company), money or anything. But the credit didnt came - which I thought was very important - but some how I thought I will not be getting credit because I will not be politically correct with respect to Cricket. After being in one organization for 4 long years, I dont need to be politically correct in any aspect, but still as a Software guy, I thought it would not be good to go without a mask. So I do wear a mask - rebellion mask - but with controlled aggression mode.

Next year I was very reluctant to take the responsibility of organizing the tournament - but as I was not showing my frustration as expected from a Software guy - nobody knows about my reluctance, but within days after the process of arranging things, I was a so different man who want to organize it. In software world, if you dont have a facilitating team in your company it will be very difficult to arrange a tournament of any size. People will always dont want to take any responsibility with respect to their work itself so how could you expect somebody will spend their time and money(at least few hundreds) for social activities.

One big problem in conducting this kind of tournaments is Project Managers or the people who are in the lead position. I heard that in most of the software companies they leave these high level guys from organizing committee or even to be a captain. As that year we were trying to copy the IPL format of going for bidding(for players), we had a Project Manager as one of the captain. One of the other Manager was there in organizing committee, because of this we will face problems in different layers. Before that we were playing on week days, that is we will play a match early morning and come back to office for work. This plan got rejected in the initial stages for the second year because PM's thought(actually that is the case) people will be not so productive after playing and there will be lots of discussion about what had happened.

So a big problem came for us in the way of finding grounds for weekends. As Bangalore has very less number of playing grounds that we can book and play, after searching for couple of weeks we found GKVK ground. It is far from the city but we had only that ground available for playing so we played there. Project managers always wants obedient team members - who will not ask any question about their decision - but you cant be obedient if you are playing against a PM. So every now and then you come up with a rule or something the manager will raise his objection as if he is coming up with a software. There will be other captains who will be a person working under that guy or somebody who dont want to get into any trouble - that too for Cricket, which is going to be played for 2 or 3 weeks - so if you want to convince the organizing committee, you have to leave your mask and come out to defend what you believe.

One good thing in my company that managers dont actually relate social activities with work, so I havent faced any problems - at all - with my work after the cricketing weeks. But the opinion what they have about you will be changed forever. Harsha Bhogle once said about Glenn McGrath that, McGrath is the kindest person he ever saw, but in Cricket he is really different. But that is only for putting some other thoughts into the batsmans mind than concentrating on the ball. I was/am a true Australian supporter, and I believed this concept of doing whatever for winning a match. But then Dhoni came into the picture - I like this guys attitude man - after winning 2010 and 2011 IPL's with Fair Play award Dhoni said "we showed you can play fair and still win it" I was amazed after thinking about this line for quite sometime. Now also I dont complain about Australian way of playing cricket because I can understand that, but compare to that I felt Dhoni's way of winning is better. I remember in the second year's CPL(2010) I said to my team mates numerous times that, we are not going to sledge - shout at a person, try to distract his attention or anything - to win. But there was little bit of here and there some sledging happened. But not to the extend of first CPL(2009) where I went out and out sledging on and off the field. I am not sure whether Dhoni had any part in that - not going for sledging the second time - but my wife had a role. I want to prove that I can win without sledging and I want to prove that I want to give respect to my wife in the way if she saw me shouting and doing stuff that would make a wrong impression. But still as I said it happened - I was shouting - but due to some personal attack against me because of what I lost some of my personal friends, but still no regrets. I know thats going to happen someday, but I felt bad it happened on the cricket ground and in public view.

This years CPL(2011) started with problems, GKVK ground was not available because of some legal issues. It became very difficult for us arrange some other ground. Bidding happened in the same way like last time, but because of a new comer captain and a person I thought not going to do what he did. My strategy for picking up players went for a toss, good that I found out half way through the bidding that my plan is not going to work, suddenly I came up with a not so bad plan to pick up some good players. But after seeing my team players performing on the practice sessions. I believe this time to it is going to be very hard to beat my team, I am quite sure about that.

Problems came when a employee of our company who left the company last year - who is a very good player - came back joining my company. As my companies policy they took him back, but only after the day of bidding so we have to accommodate him too. Then Software Companies policies came into picture, saying this is basically a social activity, in which the company would like to make most of them participate and stuff like that. It would never have been problem for me if it is not Cricket, because basically I dont play any game that sincerely. They want to balance every one of the team with enough bowlers and batsmans - come on man, then why we have bidding, coming up strategies for picking up players and stuff like that - rubbish, but this is the problem with Software World. You will feel like exempted if you say 'this is wrong', you should not balance the teams and stuff like that because every other guy dont want to play Cricket that sincerely but to have a team building activity. You will get frustrated when you got to know that the person who said who dont want anybody to get added after the bidding himself saying he would like to do that - after seeing his team is missing few bowlers - This is what I call mere stupidity, we came to bidding with so much of thinking about who bowls how and how to have at least 4 good bowlers and stuff like that, and here comes our PM who dont want to spend anytime before the bidding to think about whom he is going to pick, and later on complains about a bowler or two missing in the team. Would put his efforts to demoralize you before the tournament by commenting about you thinking he is so clever in doing this.Fairness in Software Industry will have its own toll when you try to be fair in this kind of activities. There will be guys who used to be so fair with everything in software industry stuff's, when they try to put this fairness into the game of Cricket, you will land in problems.

I want to play fair Cricket, but not it should be fair for everybody not for a particular guy. Whatever as thalaivar says "Kadam Kadam"(Finished is Finished), I want to stop it there and continue playing good game of Cricket, after all I love this game so much. We only got the ground today(09/06/2011) for the match thats going to happen on 11/06/2011. It is not a great pitch to play, but we dont want to continue changing dates and postponing, because people will loose enthusiasm.