Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Long time no see

I know its been a year since I have written anything here. I didn't want to continue this way, wanna publish something or the other. A software professional's life used to be very boring, I am no exception to this. Last one year was absolutely boring, irritating what else I can say about that. Fucked up with one project, did hell lot of work nothing paid back, never really thought of resigning the company that time. But one thing for sure I am not afraid of the market situation. But I should be, I know for my salary no body is going to take me ;). But still I thought that I can manage to sneak through some IT gates ;).

Life in a software company is like doing the same donkey stuff every other day. I hate to do that, but the problem is like I cant earn this much money any were else. So no other go. Still continuing to work there, lets see what the golden TIME have for me in future.