Monday, June 2, 2008

Nepali, Race and IPL T20 Finals Chennai Super Kings Vs Rajastan Royals

I never thought that I am going to miss the finals of the IPL T20. But due to heavy rain fall in Bangalore, rain water went into the dish of the cable tv operator. No cable for the entire Sunday(i.e., 1st Jun 2008). First I thought of going to one of my friends home and watch the match, but from drizzling the raining became heavy so canceled that plan. Then rented this Nepali and Race DVD from the vendor near my home.

While catching up with the match in started watching Nepali movie. Don't know the story, so it was some what interesting in the beginning. Then got the point of view of the director. By the Tamil cinema standards it is a okay kind of film, don't know the financial success though. Asked my sister, she said it went okay. While watching that movie itself felt like the movie was a mild copy of Irreversible. Don't know why I felt that way, I guess because of the non-linear effect, and the love scenes between Barath and Meera Jasmin, cruel killing of people(who can forget the cruelty of Irreversible movie).

In between I was watching the scores too :), Chennai super kings did well in the end. Rajastan Royals are much superior than the super kings. They should scored 20 more runs to put up a great fight. But did well in the slog overs. Yusuf Pathan played really well, he is a good find for Indian cricket, he is not a old school guy. But he connects well, that's important in 20-20 cricket; even in ODI also. Should keep his momentum going.

After that half minded about watching Race movie, not because Chennai super kings lost their match, because felt too sleepy. But turned the other way. First half of the Race movie was interesting but the second half "OMG" so boring and too much twists and turns I can say, climax car race was a good one though. I like Saif Ali Khan, he is a talented bollywood actor, the other Akshay Khanna is a butter face boy grrrrr. btw Katrina Kaif and Bibasha basu I like the first one more. Not because of the color I guess :(.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Atheistic view of everything

I am not an atheist from the beginning. I was such a guy who had lot many superstitions in my early days. My superstitions are always backed up by the concept of God; that I was believed in once upon a time. You can say probably for everything I had superstitions, like exams, cricket matches, getting money from my father or anyone, etc... I am still trying to find out in which point I was become an atheist. But up to now no answer, that too from a family which had, still have strong believes in God. I can say it was a continuous movement from one thing to another. Not in a single day I became an atheist, it started from a point and grown like crazy I guess. But within three four years I strongly believe that "I am not a pseudo atheist".

After I became an atheist it is easy for me to accept my problems, my mistakes. I strongly believe that also. Still I refused to accept some of them. But I accept this also; this is where I have lots of believe in Atheism. Because I am not much educated about this "Atheism" I never argue with people about being atheist and otherwise. Educated in the sense I cant argue with people who strongly believe in God, without even a reason. I can argue with anyone who thinks logically and understand what I am talking about. Not like Periyar or some other atheist preachers who can still argue with those people.

So coming to the title of the post, right now I can think in an atheist point of view for all the issues. What is this 'Atheistic point of view' is all about? is it only related to 'Non believing of God' I don't think so. It will give you the freedom to think out of the box in most of the cases. If you have god in your mind you are limiting yourself up to an level. You cannot think something that is greater than God(that is the concept for me :)) But for me I can even think about the God who may be hiding in the skies and watching every one :) or whatever 'those' people believe. I can even think how he can do this all this years. :)

So... what else

Already 2 of 3 intro pages are done and this is the last one (we used to have 3 intro pages in Tamil because of this They want at least 3 pages for consideration for crawling your pages for aggregation.)

So what you can expect from this site/page/or whatever? that's a real good question.

Not yet decided, anything that comes to my mind. I want to write some two three lines about that. There are one heck of things are there in which I am interested like, drawing, painting, photography, Chozas, Tamil, Cinema etc...

But why!!!

People continuously asks this question, why English.

Some says its because of money, ad sense and all crap.
Some says for vocabulary and exposure into English.
Some says for getting out of Tamil blogger community.(but that obviously not.)
Some says because of my non-Tamil friends who are asking me from the beginning to translate my Tamil blog into English.

But whatever may be the reason, I want to continue here as long as it is possible. I don't know how much hectic it is going to be, that is trying to write in English as I used to think in Tamil.

God save English

A very famous(hehe) blogger from Tamil community trying to convert(not translating) his ramblings into English.

That's it, as like what Rajini says, "God please save me from my friends, I will take care my enemies", God please save English from me.